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Seymour Award | Michelson Award


Seymour Awards banner 2020-2021

Seymour Memorial Awards

The Seymour Memorial Awards were established to honor both Charles F. Seymour and his devoted wife, Marian H. Seymour, who together supplied the inspiration and leadership which fostered the California Scholarship Federation. The very first award of $25 was presented to Seymour Award recipient Elizabeth Murphy (O’Neil) of Fresno High School in 1936.   The Seymour Award is regarded as one of the highest scholastic honors given to high school students in the state of California.

  • Students must be nominated by their CSF Adviser.
  • Nominees must have earned Sealbearer status by the end of the first semester of their Senior year.
  • Nominations open: January 1st.
  • Nomination deadline: February 18th, every year.
  • Student finalists must attend the Virtual Seymour Finalists Interviews in his or her region.
  • Please note the good standing  and eligibility criteria for a CSF member to apply for a CSF award, or for a CSF adviser to submit a candidate for each individual award.

Click here for help to get started nominating.

Over $100,000 is awarded to a group of 50 graduating Sealbearers each year. Each spring, regional subcommittees of five advisers choose outstanding Life Members (Sealbearers) from among candidates nominated by their advisers by the February deadline within each of the five regions. Each year, 50 finalists receive awards of $2,000 each, and five of these (one per region) each receive an additional $3,000 as the regional award recipient. The award is now regarded as one of the highest scholastic honors given to secondary school graduates in the state of California.

Advisers of active CSF chapters in good standing* are eligible to nominate one or two students each year. Nominees must have earned Sealbearer status by the end of the first semester of their Senior year.

*In order for the adviser to submit a Seymour candidate, the chapter must have CSF Course Lists I, II and III approved by the Registrar for the current school year, and state dues must be received for the current school year prior to submission of the Seymour application. *

  1. Advisers must submit nominations electronically via the SUBMIT NOMINATIONS tab on this page by the February 18th deadline. Paper nomination packets are no longer accepted.
    NOTE: The portal is password-protected. Advisers should have received the password via email; if not, please send us a request (office@csf-cjsf.org) and include your school name for verification. Advisers should not share this password with nominees. If you have any difficulties using the online system, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.
  2. Nomination Materials: The adviser should assemble all of the following required materials for the chapter’s nominee(s). While an adviser may submit the chapter’s two nominees separately, it is not possible to save a nominee’s partial application to complete later. As such, please collect all of the following materials before accessing the portal to submit your nominee(s). Click on the tab to read PREPARING FILES FOR UPLOAD for details about naming documents.
    1. Nominee contact information: mailing address, phone, and email
    2. High school transcript (PDF) – Must include first semester senior grades. The transcript should also show any classes taken off-campus for which the nominee has received credit.
    3. List of nominee’s activities (PDF) – presented in this order:
      • CSF membership by grade level and semester
      • CSF offices held, note grade level
      • CSF activities by grade level and semester
      • Non-CSF offices & activities
      • Academic awards & recognitions
      • Employment
    4. Nominee’s Personal Statement (PDF) –  Limit to 2 double-spaced pages. Parts of this statement may be quoted at the spring conference.
    5. Two Recommendation Letters (PDF) – Limit each to 2 double-spaced pages. Parts may be quoted at the spring conference.
      1. CSF Adviser – Please address how your nominee has exemplified the CSF motto “Scholars for Service” in some or all of the following areas: the school environment, leadership, service to the community, and your CSF chapter. Help us understand his or her character. Make sure we know why you have nominated this student. Anecdotal evidence is often persuasive.
      2. Community Member – outside of school, not from a relative. This letter should focus on the nominee’s character and role in the community. It should be written by an adult who knows the nominee well outside of the school environment. Persuasive letters have been written by supervisors of volunteer or paid work, community service club advisers, neighbors, religious leaders, etc. The writer should include how long he or she has known the nominee and in what capacity.
    6. CSF Publicity Release – Seymour Award.

Nomination Deadline: February 18th, every year.

Early March: Ten nominees from each of CSF’s 5 regions will be selected as finalists. Finalists and their advisers will be notified by email, and the names of finalists will be posted on our website and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  pages. Each of these finalists will be awarded $2,000 (see NOTE below).

Throughout March/April: At each regional conference, the region’s ten finalists will be interviewed to select the recipient for the region. Each region’s recipient will receive an additional $3,000.

NOTE: If selected as a finalist, the student must attend the spring conference in his or her region and fully participate in the interview process on that day in order to receive any financial award. Finalists who are not able to attend the conference to participate in the interview process will forfeit their award.

We will be looking for those Sealbearers who best personify the CSF motto, “Scholars for Service.” The selection is made on the basis of character, leadership, and service. Demonstrated excellence in both service and scholarship is key to a nominee’s selection.

Use this exemplar as a format for Student Activities List to be submitted with nomination.

CSF Publicity Release form MUST be completed and uploaded with the nomination form.

The nomination form requires six files to be uploaded when completing the nomination form. Only Word and PDF files are acceptable.
Please name these files as follows:

  • Nominee Transcript: nominee_last_name-transcript | Example:  smith-transcript
  • Nominee List of Activities: nominee_last_name-activities | Example:  smith-activities
  • Nominee Personal Statement: nominee_last_name-personal | Example:  smith-personal
  • Nominee Adviser’s Letter of Recommendation: nominee_last_name-adviser | Example:  smith-adviser
  • Nominee Community Letter of Recommendation: nominee_last_name-community | Example:  smith-community
  • Nominee Publicity Release Form: nominee_last_name-release  (This form is available on the PUBLICITY RELEASE FORM tab.) | Example:  smith-release
If you need any assistance throughout the nomination process, please contact CSF Director of Technology at patricia@csf-cjsf.org. We look forward to working with you.

Nominations are now closed for 2020-2021 Seymour Award.

CSF Michelson Essay Contest

Glenn MichelsonMichelson Memorial Award

The Glenn Michelson Memorial Award was established in 2012 in memory of the late Glenn Michelson, past 20-year CSF adviser of Sequoia High School in Redwood City and past Board of Directors member who served as State President, CSF Registrar, Regional Vice-President, Historian, and Legislative Chair. He was a strong advocate of our CSF motto promoting community service. Upon his passing, Glenn bequeathed funds to CSF, and the Board of Directors voted to have an annual essay contest in Glenn’s honor open to high school CSF seniors who have a passion for service. The due date is December 22nd, Glenn’s birthday.

  • All Senior CSF members may apply.
  • Submissions will be accepted beginning: November 1, 2020.
  • Application deadline: December 22nd every year.
  • Please note the good standing  and eligibility criteria for a CSF member to apply for a CSF award, or for a CSF adviser to submit a candidate for each individual award.

This $1,000 award is available to all seniors who are members of a CSF chapter in good standing. The award recipient and his/her adviser will be notified by the selection committee by mid-February.

The Michelson Award is available to all seniors who are members of a CSF chapter in good standing. Eligibility is NOT limited to Sealbearers as it was when the award first began.

*Chapter dues current through June 30, 2020. Course Lists submitted and approved 2019-20 school year.*

To apply, students must write an essay in response to this prompt:

Describe a volunteer experience you have had and its impact on you and your community.

Essays must be submitted via Submit Application tab on this page no later than midnight on December 22, 2020.

  • 800 – 1000 words
  • Please do not include your last name or school name in the essay
  • Typed & double-spaced
  • One entry per student
  • Word or PDF files only.

Information you will need to provide when completing the application:

  • An email address where we can contact you; please use a non-school email or your parent’s email.
  • Your CSF Adviser’s name and email address.
  • Your school Principal’s name and email address.
The winning essay will be selected by a committee comprised of California Scholarship Federation board members. Essays will be evaluated on the basis of (1) relevance to the prompt and (2) quality of writing. Honesty and academic integrity will be expected of all submissions, and any occurrence of plagiarism is unacceptable. Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in automatic disqualification.

The award recipient and his/her adviser will be notified by the selection committee by mid-February.

If you need any assistance throughout the application process, please contact CSF Director of Technology at patricia@csf-cjsf.org.

2018-19 Michelson Award Recipient

Edward Tran, Gabrielino High Hchool, Chapter 1170, CSF Adviser Ruth Esseln

2017-18 Michelson Award Recipient

Roselyn Romero, Channel Islands High School, Chapter 796, CSF Adviser Terrie Romines

Who received the Michelson Award in past years?