Chapter Requirements*

October 1, 2020 | CSF Course lists are due each year (Must have final approval by February 1, 2021) Submit Course Lists
November 1, 2020 | Annual Dues payment deadline | Pay annual dues:  CSF  |  CJSF

*Good Standing
Dues paid online or postmarked after November 1st must include $40 late fee in order to be in good standing.  Chapters not in good standing with dues paid for the current year will not be eligible for awards and will not be able to order supplies from Balfour.
To be in good standing, CSF Chapters must submit Standardized Course Lists by October 1st and receive final approval by February 1st.

Awards Submissions and Nominations Open

November 1, 2020 |  Glenn Michelson Award Essay Contest | CSF Awards
November 1, 2020 |  CJSF 50th Anniversary DiGiovanna Memorial Award  | CJSF Awards
November 15, 2020 |  Marian Huhn Memorial Award  | CJSF Awards
January 1, 2020 |  Seymour Memorial Award  | CSF Awards

Awards Submissions Deadlines (6:00 pm)

December 22, 2020|  Glenn Michelson Award Essay Contest deadline each year. | CSF Awards
January 13, 2021 |  CJSF 50th Anniversary DiGiovanna Memorial Award applications due.  | CJSF Awards
February 18, 2021 |  Seymour Memorial Award nominations due.  | CSF Awards
February 25, 2021 |  Marian Huhn Memorial Award nominations due.  | CJSF Awards

Fall Advisers Conference

October 17, 2020, Saturday | Virtual Fall 2020 Advisers Conference
San Jose


November 5, 2020 – Panda Express Virtual Fundraiser

Panda Express and CSF/CJSF will partner for a fundraiser this school year. Funds raised will benefit the CSF/CJSF state organization.

There will be lots of opportunity for participating CSF/CJSF chapters of all sizes to have fun and win prizes for their chapters.

Regional Conferences

2020-2021 Regional Conference dates TBD