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CSF Student Membership

Membership in CSF is through school chapters. Each chapter is comprised of student members who meet eligibility requirements. Each chapter is led by a staff adviser. See if your school has a CSF Chapter. If not, ask your Principal about starting one.

Eligible students become members by submitting applications based on their report card grades. Membership is for one semester, and membership drives are held each semester within established periods dictated by the State bylaws.

Conferences are held annually, and student awards recognizing scholastic achievement and community service are presented.

Requirements for Semester Membership

Students earn membership in CSF if they apply and have earned 10 (ten) CSF points. Points are earned on grades from the previous semester according to the following scale.

A = 3 CSF points*
B = 1 CSF point*
C = 0 CSF points
D or F in any course, even if not counted for CSF, disqualifies the student from membership

*1 extra point for an A or a B in an AP, IB, or Honors-designated course, not to exceed two such points per semester

  • 4 (Four) of the 10 (ten) points must come from List I courses.
  • 7 (Seven) of the 10 (ten) points (including the four List I points) must come from List I and II courses. Of course, all seven points may come from List I.
  • The last 3 (three) points may come from any list.
  • Only 5 (five) courses (or 25 credits) may be used to earn the 10 (ten) points.

Keep in mind that courses such as P.E., teacher assistant, office aide, or repeated courses do not earn any CSF points. See the description of List I, II, III courses in Article IV, Section 6, of the CSF Bylaws on CSF Chapter Resources.

Poor citizenship may disqualify students from membership. It is the adviser and principal’s prerogative to determine disbarment.

Individual chapters may choose to impose a chapter dues payment as part of their membership application process, but no eligible applicant may be refused membership for non-payment of dues.

Life Membership

Seniors may achieve Life Membership (Sealbearer status at graduation) if they have been a member of CSF for four semesters during second semester of sophomore year through second semester of senior year. A senior must qualify for second semester of senior year even if they have four prior semesters of membership because one semester must be based on grades earned in the senior year. A senior needing one additional semester to qualify for Sealbearer may use final grades in the last semester of senior year if they qualify and complete a CSF application in May/June.