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CSF/CJSF Student Advisory Council (SAC)

Who Are We?

The CSF/CJSF Student Advisory Council, or SAC, was founded in 2022 and is a diverse group of CSF and CJSF members. Composed of students from every corner of California, the SAC focuses on statewide collaboration between middle school chapters, high school chapters, and the CSF/CJSF state board itself.

Our Mission

The Student Advisory Council is a direct link between the CSF/CJSF state board and students across the state. We strive to convey the ideas and opinions of all members to the state board in order to develop an organization that is attentive and responsive to its members’ needs. A student representative of the Council is chosen to attend each CSF/CJSF Advisor’s Conference as a spokesperson for students’ voices statewide. We believe that this unprecedented communication between the state board and CSF/CJSF students will lead to further collaboration and progress for the California Scholarship Federation.

Who Can Join?

Any CSF or CJSF student who has ideas to share, or simply wants to collaborate, is welcome to join the Student Advisory Council! We meet monthly to discuss topics such as CSF/CJSF’s social media presence and suggestions like the transfer of information from the state board to students. SAC members are also encouraged to participate in CSF/CJSF’s Virtual Student Leadership Conference Committee and help plan and facilitate workshops.
If you are interested in joining either the Student Advisory Council or the Virtual Student Leadership Conference Committee, please complete the sign-up form!

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