Trademark Policy

CSF has registered trademarks in the State of California. In order to protect the ownership of our trademarks, we have one exclusive, licensed distributor of all CSF/CJSF products, GradAwards. Access the CSF/CJSF Stores from the main menu STORE. A password is required which you can request from that link.

  • Purchase CSF/CJSF items through Grad Awards: All chapters are required to purchase CSF/CJSF graduation regalia (pins, cords, sashes, etc.) awards and clothing through Grad Awards.
  • Do not print CSF/CJSF logos: While chapters can make their own tee-shirts, sweatshirts, etc., they are not permitted to use the CSF/CJSF logo or marks on the items.
  • Get personalized items: For personalized clothing or other items with the CSF/CJSF logo (e.g. your school name with the CSF/CJSF logo), contact Ken Bowen of Grad Awards by phone: 949-426-6789 or email: for competitive pricing.
  • Use logos on website/stationery: Logos and other CSF marks may be used by chapters on items such as websites or stationery. Email to request logos for use on website or stationery.
  • Questions: Contact CSF/CJSF Central Office for further information.