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California Scholarship Federation is working to ensure that all CSF and CJSF Advisers receive important news and information about awards, dues, Standardized Course Lists, and other opportunities and obligations.

Many Advisers have not opened any of the emails sent over the past three months using the MailChimp email program. If you have not seen any emails from CSF, it is probable they are in your spam/promotions folder or are blocked by your school’s email server settings.

Let us know how you want to receive communications from CSF/CJSF!

Are you receiving emails through MailChimp? Yay!

Do nothing and you will continue to be informed.

NOT receiving emails sent through MailChimp?

Check your Promotions/Spam folders.

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Provide a non-school email address for MailChimp.

Get the news via website post email notifications.


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