Has your adviser expressed an interest in nominating you for the Seymour Memorial Award?

It’s an honor to be nominated for this award and a lot of effort on the part of your adviser to complete the nomination requirements. Advisers may nominate no more than two students each year.

There are a few requirements to be eligible:

  1. Nominees must be Sealbearers.
  2. Nominees must attend the mandatory Seymour Interview for their region. See Calendar for dates.
  3. A member of a CSF chapter in good standing for the current academic year.

…and responsibilities:

You must write a Personal Statement to be submitted with the nomination.

What is a Personal Statement?
The Seymour Committee is interested in specifics about how your background, family life and viewpoints have made you the person you are. In general, do not include data available from other materials in this application, but we are very interested in your experiences with CSF and Community Service (not just with CSF) in your community. This statement should not just be a copy of a college statement, but it may be similar, and does need to include specific information about community service and your leadership role(s). Limit to 2 double-spaced pages PDF. Parts of your personal statement may be quoted at the Celebration of Awards.

Provide your adviser with your contact information: mailing address, phone, and a non-school/district email. We need to be able to email you so make sure it’s an email address that can receive email from outside your school/district.

List of your activities (PDF) – presented in this order:

CSF membership by grade level and semester
CSF offices held, note grade level
CSF activities by grade level and semester
Non-CSF offices & activities
Academic awards & recognitions

Recommendation Letter from a Community Member

This person must be outside of school, and not a relative. This letter should focus on your character and role in the community. It should be written by an adult who knows you well outside of the school environment. Persuasive letters have been written by supervisors of volunteer or paid work, community service club advisers, neighbors, religious leaders, etc. The writer should include how long he or she has known you and in what capacity. Limit to 2 double-spaced pages (PDF). Parts of this letter may be quoted at the Celebration of Awards.

High school transcript (PDF) – Must include first semester senior grades. The transcript should also show any classes taken off-campus for which the nominee has received credit.

CSF Publicity Release – Seymour Award.

Get these materials to your adviser as soon as possible. Do not wait until the last minute and risk missing the deadline of 6 pm on February 18, 2021. Give yourself and your adviser a few weeks lead time for a low stress experience.