How Can CSF Shape Your School Community?

How Can CSF Shape Your School Community?
Because CSF has flexibility in its mission, to recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service among middle and high school students in California, Clubs/Chapters can integrate with existing school programs and opportunities for leadership in their school communities–as well as augment or enhance the experience in a school setting–shaping school culture and even impacting those who do not qualify for the CSF program.
Portola Jr/Sr High School CSF/CJSF
Presenters: Kirsten Boyd, Taylor Lungstrom, Tomás Olaje-Murrieta, Natallie Craig

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Culture of Pride

Culture of Pride
There are many CSF/CJSF students who want to feel more connected to their culture, and many who feel disconnected. It is important for individuals to keep their heritage alive as it can connect oneself to others on higher levels, all while playing major roles in a student’s life. This presentation is about the hardships and importance of keeping one’s culture and roots alive and recognizing possible ways of appreciating and participating in your culture and traditions all the while- showing you are not alone.
Western Sierra Collegiate Academy CSF
Presenters: Aslinur Aksoy, Atrina Abbasi

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Community Involvement Best Practices

Community Involvement Best Practices
As students, we want to find ways to be involved in our community. However, one of the hardest things is finding where to start. Sometimes all you need is one “lead” that takes you to the next one. This presentation will discuss how to begin, and the different paths you can take. They all vary in nature and purpose!
CAPO Valley High School CSF
Presenter: Valentina Naranjo

It’s a Celebration! Fun Ways to Recognize Your Graduating Members

It’s a Celebration!: Fun Ways To Recognize Your Graduating Members.
We will present several service projects that can be done by both CSF and CJSF chapters to celebrate their graduating members. The presentation will include a list of service projects with step-by-step processes on how to run/organize these projects as well as information on how these projects will benefit the members being celebrated. We hope to encourage other chapters to implement activities that recognize graduating members as well as share the ways they celebrate seniors at their own schools.
Kern Valley High School CSF
Presenters: Zack Williams; Kasey Lassen