Tutoring our Peers and Community
At Tamalpais High school we offer an after school tutoring program on campus so that students feel that they have the resources to succeed. After school tutoring allows students to have a safe place to conduct any studying as well as receive 1:1 attention which is sometimes challenging at a larger public school. Additionally,Tamalpais High School student Talia Lazerwitz started a project called Youth for Justice in the Canal District located in San Rafael to help tutor and mentor young students. The Canal District is home to many immigrants and low-income families that may not have the same opportunities that many students have at Tam High. Youth for Justice aims to help bridge the gap and help these students reach their full potential. Talia presented the volunteer opportunity to our student body, many of whom now volunteer their time as tutors in the evenings.
Tamalpais High School
Presenter: Ellery Barnes and Talia Lazerwitz