Luke Sonderman, Chapter 1234 – Palm Valley School
Adviser Susie Zachik
Principal Peter Koehler

A four-year member of CSF, Luke is the current ASB President and captain at Palm Valley High School in Rancho Mirage using his skills of leadership to help coordinate CSF and other clubs. According to his advisor, Suzanne Zachik, she explains that “from his position in ASB, he makes sure CSF, and all clubs on campus, are slotted into consistent meeting spots, help to further their causes, run their Winter Olympics, and organize their dances.” Outside of school Luke is currently a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has attained the status of Eagle Scout in December of 2022 by organizing and constructing a garden around the handicapped parking lot at the Desert Cities Baptist Church. At this same church, Luke is currently the director of Media for which he averages 200 hours each year to complete all aspects of the position. He got his start when the Covid Lockdown forced his church” to close its doors. According to Luke, he explains that he decided to step in and put his dedication to service to good use. I called our pastor and told him that I could live stream the church’s services. As if you need to know that he does even more things, he’s also an accomplished drummer, is in a band, gives drumming lessons, and is a co-founder of Sondy Studios which provides affordable recording services for young musicians. Beginning in the Fall, Luke plans to attend Chapman University, major in Business Administration, and minor in Music Industry. An impressive young man, this is Luke Adam Sonderman.