DiGiovanna Essay Contest Award 2022-2023 Recipients

Kudos to the five region recipients for the excellent essays they submitted!

Central – Saanvi Banerjee, Ch 1117jc
Bethany Elementary School, CJSF Adviser Sara Rose
Principal Deborah Richey

Central Coast – Tulasi Venkatesh, Ch 1206jcc
Creekside Middle School, CJSF Adviser Su Min Cha
Principal Susan Shih

North – Miranda Sanchez, Ch 280jn
Sycamore Middle School, CJSF Adviser Michelle Solis
Principal Kelly Haight

South – Grace Galonsky, Chapter 881js
St. Junipero Serra Catholic Elementary School
CJSF Adviser Elaina Stokes, Principal Julie Radzai

South Central – Mai-Linh Lindsay, Ch 398jsc
Immaculate Heart Middle School, CJSF Adviser Carolyn Polchow
Principal Gina Finer

2021-2022 CJSF DiGiovanna Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 DiGIovanna Award Recipients who submitted the award winning essays.

Central Region
Bailey Peters
, 1219 Emilie J Ross Middle School
Adviser Gary Grant, Principal Mary LaRosa

Central Coast Region
Michelle Hopkins
, 1206 Creekside Middle School
Adviser Sumin Cha, Principal Susan Shih

North Region
Garry Bicknell
, 676 Brittan Elementary
Adviser Heather Azevedo, Principal Staci Kaelin

South Region
Cielle Peloquin
, 881 St. Junipero Serra Catholic School
Adviser Elaina Stokes, Principal Tim Tolzda

South Central Region
Mayte Esparza
, 1135 Bellflower Middle School
Adviser Veronica Reynolds, Principal Michael Lundgren

Congratulations 2020-2021 DiGiovanna Award Recipients

Congratulations to the five region 2020-2021 CJSF DiGiovanna Award recipients.

Central | Ruhani Deswal
Central Coast | Anvit Mishra
North | Nathan Zumwalt
South | Isabella Mensik
South Central | Arax Kotanjian

CJSF DiGiovanna Award Essay Contest for 2020

November 1, 2020 – January 13, 2021, CJSF members in 7th and 8th grade are invited to write an essay in response to the following prompt:

This year has brought forth many changes in each of our lives. How have you maintained the CJSF ideals of serving your community during these challenging times? Share one or two service opportunities that you participated in or created over this past year.

Submit your essay online using the form on https://csf-cjsf.org/cjsf-awards/

There will be one award recipient in each region; each winning recipient will receive a $100 award.