Help with Frequently Asked Questions from CSF & CJSF Advisers

1.  My district will be doing distance learning for the fall semester.  What is the best way for students to digitally complete applications?

Ideally, students should complete a regular application, and qualify based on the traditional letter grade system.  Since many schools will be doing distance learning for the start of the school year, it may be better to use an online application.  Advisers should use whatever method works for them to track and check grades received.  Advisers are free to create their own on-line application (online applications are permitted for all membership drives).  Matt Hungerford, CSF Board Past President, has created the following application, which can be adapted for different schools: Please make a copy of this google form and do not edit this original. (Please note, the sample application is made for a specific school, you will need to edit it for your chapter.  Email Matt if you need help).  All applications must adhere to the CSF/CJSF membership requirements, with no “extras” needed to qualify, such as a specific GPA, service hours, essays, etc..

2.  When should I have my fall semester membership drive?

In order for students to qualify for CSF and CJSF awards and recognitions it is important that all chapters hold a membership drive for the fall semester of 2020.  The membership drive can be held as soon as school starts, or a few weeks into the semester, and advisers should consider extending the drive to the maximum allowable time ( four weeks) thus giving all students an ample opportunity to apply.  Please note that CSF will not be changing any of the requirements needed to receive its traditional awards and recognitions.

3.  How do I communicate with my students?

We suggest several all-student and parent emails, suggesting to students that they pass them on to their friends.  Also, a Google Classroom set-up for CSF/CJSF students will give them the opportunity to share ideas for fundraising, service projects, etc.  Another idea is to publish the names of those students who qualify in a parent newsletter.  Many chapters also have had good success in communicating with members using the “remind” app and other similar programs.

4.  What do I do about non-traditional grades awarded last spring semester?

Since districts and schools around California have opted for a myriad of different grading systems for last semester, it is difficult to create a one-size-fits-all policy about how students should qualify for CSF and CJSF in the fall.

Here is a suggestion from one of our board members:

“My school went credit/no credit for the spring 2020 grades.  So, I plan to accept all students who took four core courses (three if one is AP), and passed all courses.  There may be several students who only qualify this semester, but it will get them thinking about getting good grades, and perhaps encourage some to push themselves harder.”

5.  I still have more questions and need help, what do I do?

Make sure that you contact CSF/CJSF whenever you need help or have questions.  We are here to help you.

CSF Region VPs

Central: Brian Dull,
Central Coast: Janie Falcone,
North: Mark Bell,
South: Lisa Alexander,
South Central: Rosalind Kanter,

CJSF Region VPs

Central: Wendy May,
Central Coast: Sandra Villasenor,
North: Pam Bodnar,
South: Hollie Lohff,
South Central: Veronica Reynolds,

You can always contact Lisa at the central office:, she is always a great resource. Also,  Matt Hungerford (CSF/CJSF Past President) is available to help for application questions,  Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Year-end Grade Requirements in Uncertain Times

During these uncertain times, CSF hopes that advisers will use their discretion on how to handle year-end grade requirements for those students still wishing to use this semester to qualify as Life Members/Sealbearers, as well as for CSF & CJSF fall membership which will be impacted by this semester’s grades.

Although many chapters ask members to do a certain amount of community service, attend meetings, etc, these are not required by CSF or CJSF in order to be members, or to earn Life Member/Sealbearer status (which includes the lamp pin & diploma seal) at the end of the senior year.  Again, it is at the discretion of the adviser as to how missing these activities will impact other recognitions established by the individual chapter.

Good luck in the weeks to come, and thank you for all of your hard work for CSF & CJSF!

Renee Tyler and Richard Roe
CSF/CJSF Co-Presidents



The CJSF essay contest is in memory of Joanna DiGiovanna, long-time CJSF adviser and CSF/CJSF Board Member. Joanna was a very dedicated teacher and CJSF adviser at Piute Middle School in Lancaster. She was passionate about CJSF.

Stefania Sesock,
Chapter 1307 Ridgeview Middle School; Adviser Jessica Malmsten; Principal Mike Yates

Central Coast
Rachel Baek,
Chapter 1284 Dartmouth Middle School; Adviser Crissy Campbell; Principal Randy Martino

Dylan Churilo,
Chapter 1255 (Wilma) Cavitt Junior High School; Adviser Shannon Laurin; Principal Jennifer Platt

Andrew Chung,
Chapter 1178 Day Creek Intermediate School; Adviser Yvette Schemenauer; Principal David Apodaca

South Central
Couleene Echiverri,
Chapter 485 Calle Mayor Middle School; Adviser Kim. Lee; Principal David Mosley



The Outstanding Sealbearer Award was established in 2015 to recognize graduating Life Members who have shown special “heart”, performed to the best of their abilities in high school, and who have maintained a high level of academic achievement and service under challenging conditions related to family, employment, and other situations.

  • Central Coast Region
    Alauki Patel,
    Chapter 762 Piedmont Hills High School; Adviser Nancy Kennett; Principal Ginny Davis; East Side Union High School District
  • North Region
    Madison Fahning,
    Chapter 656 Del Oro High School; Adviser Anna Luci; Principal Chelsy Nauman; Placer Union High School District
  • South Region
    Antony Lin,
    Chapter 1482 Sage Creek High School; Adviser Andrea Fett; Principal Jesse Schuveiller; Carlsbad Unified School District
  • Central Region
    Elizabeth Gomez,
    Chapter 96 Porterville High School; Adviser Michele Patrick; Principal Jose Valdez; Porterville Unified School District
  • South Central Region
    Crispin Sandoval,
    Chapter 796 Channel Islands High School; Adviser Terrie Romines; Principal Roger Adams; Oxnard Union High School District


Congratulations Jasmine Kinney!

The Glenn Michelson Memorial Award was established in 2012 in memory of the late Glenn Michelson, past 20-year CSF adviser of Sequoia High School in Redwood City and past Board of Directors member who served as State President, CSF Registrar, Regional Vice-President, Historian, and Legislative Chair. He was a strong advocate of our CSF motto promoting community service. Glenn bequeathed funds to CSF for this annual essay contest open to high school CSF seniors who have a passion for service. 

Jasmine Kinney is a member of CSF Chapter 381, Hoopa Valley HIgh School; Vicki Kurtz, Adviser; Jennifer Lane, Principal; Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District.

2019-20 Huhn Award Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2019-20 CJSF Marian Huhn Award!

The Marian Huhn Memorial Award recognizes outstanding 7th & 8th grade student members of California Junior Scholarship Federation for their academic excellence and service to the school and community.

Central Region

  • Adriana La, Chapter 1251 Oak Grove, Adviser Melana Mazman Moore
  • Kayley Sietsma, Chapter 976 Wallace Middle School, Adviser Meg Hairell
  • Nicole Nguyen, Chapter 846 Cruickshank Middle School, Adviser Wendy May
  • Madison Jackson, Chapter 852 Ranchos Middle School, Adviser Stephanie Alarcon
  • Alejandro Rodriguez, Chapter 1219 Emilie J. Ross Middle School, Adviser Jameelah Cordano

Kayley Sietsma, top left
Nicole Nguyen, top right
Madison Jackson, bottom left
Adriana La, bottom right
Not pictured: Alejandro Rodriguez

Central Coast Region

  • Andrew Ruck, Chapter 668 Sequoia Middle School, Adviser Leilani Montoya
  • Rachel Baek, Chapter 1284 Dartmouth Middle School, Adviser Christine Campbell
  • Alena Dinh, Chapter 1085 Fallon Middle School, Adviser Rachael Guinther
  • Diya Madhavan, Chapter 1085 Fallon Middle School, Adviser Rachael Guinther
  • Shambhavi Singh, Chapter 1352 Hart Middle School, Adviser Rebecca Schnell

Rachel Baek, above
Shambhavi Singh, top left
Andrew Ruck, bottom left
Not pictured: Alena Dinh, Diya Madhavan

North Region

  • Jazmin Ibarra, Chapter 1226 Biggs Elementary, Adviser Sandy Moore
  • Quinn Stafford, Chapter 676 Brittan Elementary School, Adviser Heather Azevedo
  • Andrew Ma, Chapter 923 Marsh Junior High School, Adviser Sheila Snyder
  • Gabriela Avelar, Chapter 280 Sycamore Middle School, Adviser Michelle Solis
  • Kendall Stafford, Chapter 158 Bidwell Junior High School, Adviser Sandra Villasenor

Left – top to bottom: Jazmin Ibarra, Andrew Ma, Quinn Stafford
Gabriela Avelar, right top
Kendall Stafford, right bottom

South Region

  • Ana Tovar, Chapter 868 Van Avery Prep, Adviser Theresa Bolton
  • Sophia Hernandez, Chapter 868 Van Avery Prep, Adviser Theresa Bolton
  • Sofia Ahmed, Chapter 1186 Orchard Hills School, Adviser Lee-Ann Lippert
  • Evelyn Yao, Chapter 155 Carmenita Middle School, Adviser Ruthel Kim
  • Michal Mengistu, Chapter 155 Carmenita Middle School, Adviser Ruthel Kim

Left – top to bottom: Ana Tovar, Sophia Hernandez
Right – top to bottom: Sofia Ahmed, Michal Mengistu
Not pictured: Evelyn Yao. Evelyn is the treasurer of her chapter and serves as a peer tutor. She has volunteered for various programs, such as Point Vicente Interpretive Center’s native garden and beach cleanups at Huntington Dog Beach. She has earned academic excellence awards in multiple subjects and actively participates in science and math activities.

South Central Region

  • Lani Young, Chapter 330 CJSF Adams Middle School, Adviser Erika Ingerson
  • Brandon Cruz, Chapter 269 Newcomb Academy, Adviser Alyson Al-Mulla
  • Teryn Faulcon, Chapter 269 Newcomb Academy, Adviser Alyson Al-Mulla

Lani Young, left
Brandon Cruz, right
Not pictured: Teryn Faulcon