2019 Fall Advisers Conference – Success!

On Saturday, October 26th, Advisers from 39 chapters joined 24 CSF/CJSF board members and staff for the 2019 Fall Advisers Conference at the Doubletree by Hilton in Santa Ana. The conference provided a great opportunity for new and seasoned advisers to learn from board members and each other.  It was a wonderful group of teachers dedicated to CSF/CJSF and their students members.

Dues are Due

Advisers: Dues are due on November 1st. Complete the form and pay online or mail a check. Make sure checks are in the mail by November 1st!

Dues are Due

President’s Newsletter | August 2019

Official Publication of the
California Scholarship Federation
California Junior Scholarship Federation
August 2019


For the first time in recent history, CSF has Co-Presidents. We are honored to have been elected to this position and look forward to working as a team with the CSF/CJSF State Board of Directors and CSF & CJSF Chapter Advisers to help CSF move into its 100th and 101st year!

Richard Roe and Renee Tyler, CSF/CJSF Co-Presidents


October 26, 2019 | DoubleTree by Hilton Orange County Airport, Santa Ana
9:30am – 2:30pm Conference
Cost: $25
Registration includes lunch, networking opportunities, workshops, and door prizes. Free parking.

Registration here: https:/csf-cjsf.org/fall-2019-advisers-conference/ 
Registration closes September 30, 2019.

2019-20 AWARDS | CSF

Adviser Nominated Awards: CSF Advisers of chapters in good standing may nominate qualifying chapter members for the Seymour Award, and Outstanding Sealbearer Award.

Passwords for the nomination forms are in the PDF version of this newsletter which was emailed the last week of August to all advisers at their emails of record.

Student Essay Award: Qualifying CSF members of chapters in good standing may submit an essay for the Michelsen Award.

2019-20 AWARDS | CJSF

Adviser Nominated Award: CJSF Advisers of chapters in good standing may nominate qualifying chapter members for the Marian Huhn Award.

Password for the nomination forms is in the PDF version of this newsletter which was emailed the last week of August to all advisers at their emails of record.

Student Essay Award: Qualifying CJSF members of chapters in good standing may submit an essay for the DiGiovanna Award. 

On our website: CSF https://csf-cjsf.org/csf-awards/  |  CJSF  https://csf-cjsf.org/cjsf-awards/



  • October 1 | CSF Standardized Course lists due
  • November 1 | Annual Chapter Dues Payment Deadline


  • November 1 | Glenn Michelson Award Essay
  • November 1 | CJSF DiGiovanna Memorial
  • January 1 | Seymour Memorial Award
  • November 15 | CJSF Marian Huhn Memorial Award
  • January 1 | CSF Outstanding Sealbearer Award


  • December 22 | Glenn Michelson Award Essay Contest
  • January 13 | CJSF DiGiovanna Memorial Award
  • February 18 | Seymour Memorial Award
  • January 31 | Marian Huhn Memorial Award
  • March 1 | CSF Outstanding Sealbearer Award


  • October 26, Saturday | Fall 2019 Advisers Conference
    DoubleTree by Hilton Orange County Airport, Santa Ana


  • March 14 | South – Esperanza High School – Anaheim
  • March 21 | South Central – Schurr High School, Montebello
  • March 28 | Central – Sierra Pacific High School, Hanford
  • April 4 | North – Sutter High School, Sutter
  • April 18 | Central Coast Monte Vista Christian School, Watsonville

CSF 100th Anniversary Rose Parade2021: 100th ANNIVERSARY

The 100th Anniversary of California Scholarship Federation in 2021 will be celebrated with a CSF float in the Rose Parade on January 1, 2021! 

Participation by current and former CSF & CJSF members and CSF & CJSF advisers will be needed to make this happen!

More info TBA in the coming weeks.

*Chapter Requirements

  • CSF and CJSF Chapters dues must be paid by November 1st.
  • CSF Chapters must submit Standardized Course Lists to the Registrar by October 1st and make amendments to receive final approval by February 1st.

Chapters not in good standing:
Will not be eligible for awards – Award nominations and submissions from chapters not in good standing will be not be considered.


CSF has registered trademarks in the State of California. In order to protect the ownership of our trademarks, we have one exclusive, licensed distributor of all CSF/CJSF products, Balfour, Inc.

  • Purchase CSF/CJSF items through Balfour: All chapters are required to purchase CSF/CJSF graduation regalia (pins, cords, sashes, etc.) awards and clothing through Balfour, Inc.
  • Do not print CSF/CJSF logos: While chapters can make their own tee-shirts, sweatshirts, etc., they are not permitted to use the CSF/CJSF logo or marks on the items.
  • Get personalized items: For personalized clothing or other items with the CSF/CJSF logo (e.g. your school name with the CSF/CJSF logo), contact Ken Bowen of CSFAwards (Balfour) by phone: 949-500-0457 or email: ken.bowen@sbcglobal.net for competitive pricing.

You may use logos on website/stationery. Email office@csf-cjsf.org to request logos for use on website or stationery.


  • The passwords for the CSF adviser store CJSF adviser stores is in the PDF version of this newsletter which was emailed the last week of August to all advisers at their emails of record.

*Chapters not in good standing will be unable to place orders.

PANDA EXPRESS AND CSF/CJSF | Partners in supporting “Scholars for Service”

CSF logo, Panda Express logo, CJSF logo

November 6, 2019 | May 6, 2020

CSF/CJSF are planning two Panda Express restaurant fundraisers for this school year again. All funds donated by Panda Express go to support the programs of CSF and CJSF which provide Financial Awards, Spring Region conferences, Fall Advisers Conference, and more for Chapters, members, and advisers.

We hope you will encourage your members, family, and friends to participate.

Chapters can compete for prizes – such as Panda Express gift baskets and certificates:

  • Yes- I am Going
  • Most Online Orders
  • Instagram photo posts

Participating is simple. Just place orders on the Panda Express website for pickup on November 6th and type in your chapter number to compete for prizes. You will receive instructions to share with your fellow teachers and staff, family and friends, chapter members and their families and friends. And if your school allows it you can distribute flyers before the event day.


Our primary mode of communication with chapter Advisers and school officials is online.

  • Our website – https://csf-cjsf.org offers a wealth of information. Use the search icon to find whatever you need. Check the News tab for the latest info.
  • Social Media – Follow Us on
  • Email – We send group emails to notify Advisers of upcoming chapter requirement deadlines, Award opportunities (including form passwords), Conferences, fundraising, Chapter standing issues, and more.
  • Do you have questions?
    For all CSF /CJSF questions:  
    Contact your Regional VP, names/email addresses below

office@csf-cjsf.org CSF/CJSF administrative questions
patricia@csf-cjsf.org website, online applications and conference registration

If you have not seen any emails from CSF, they are probably in your spam/promotions folder or are blocked by your school’s email server settings. Please provide us with an email address that is not blocked so that you will stay up to date. And Follow Us on social media!


CSF/CJSF Board vacancies:

  • Seymour Committee member
  • Treasurer

Please email Renee renee@csf-cjsf.org for job descriptions and further details.


Richard Roe
Sonora High School, Sonora

Renée Tyler
Retired Teacher, Folsom


Stephanie Peterson
Lindhurst High School

Position vacant

Lynn Fillo
Downieville Jr./Sr. High School


CSF Registrar: csf-registrar@csf-cjsf.org
Tammy Lundblad & Gwen Rasmussen

CJSF Registrar: elwoodward@mchsi.com
Erin Woodward


CSF VP North Region: Mark Bell

CSF VP Central Region: Brian Dull

CSF VP Central Coast Region: Janie Falcone

CSF VP South Central Region: Hollie Lohff

CSF VP South Region: Lisa Alexander


CJSF VP North Region: Pam Bodnar

CJSF VP Central Region: Wendy May

CJSF VP Central Coast Region: Sandra Villasenor

CJSF VP South Central Region: Veronica Reynolds

CJSF VP South Region: Lindsay Peck


  • Central: Nicole Bitney – Chair
  • Central Coast: vacant
  • North: Tim Green
  • South Central: Cheryl Thomas
  • South: Rosalind Kanter

All California Scholarship Federation Board Members are volunteers including the Executive Director staff position.


From CSF Bulletin, December 1959 | Meet the 1958-59 Seymour Award Finalists

CSF Seymour Award Winners 1959-1960

2018-19 Seymour Award Recipients 

Central Coast
Amisha Wadhwa, Westmont High School Chapter 743, Adviser Richard Carmona

Sahila Shah, Ronald E. McNair High School Chapter 1326, Adviser Craig Nash

North Recipient
Joanna Jarvis, River Valley High School Chapter 1366, Adviser Eric Ricketts

South Central
Isabella Blanco, Santa Maria High School Chapter 6, Adviser Shelly Springer

Alexander Tchekanov, Rancho Bernardo High School Chapter 1109, Adviser Diana Garcia

Thank you! and Congratulations! for Participating in the Panda Express Fundraiser

Thank you to all the chapters and individuals who supported the Panda Express fundraiser on May 2nd.

We are so grateful to Panda Express for supporting California Scholarship Federation and California Junior Scholarship Federation and Scholars for Service. Funds raised from this fundraiser go to support awards and regional conferences.

There were two competitions for chapters to win prizes. Here are the results. 

Online Orders Placed

Chapters will be notified via email with details to claim their prizes.

  • 1st Place Biggs Elementary School, CJSF Chapter 1226 – $300 Catering
  • 2nd Place Fremont Academy of Engineering & Design, CSF Chapter 1436 – $200 Catering OR CHAPTER 1171
  • 3rd Place Las Lomas High School, CSF Chapter 468 – $100 Catering


Yes- I am Going

Each winning chapter will receive a Panda gift basket ($100 value).

  • Las Lomas High School, CSF Chapter 468
  • Ernest Righetti High School, CSF Chapter 729
  • Los Alamitos High School, CSF Chapter 837
  • Santa Maria High School, CSF Chapter 6
  • Oxnard High School, CSF Chapter 54
  • Gilroy High School, CSF Chapter 98
  • Channel Islands High School, CSF Chapter 796
  • Fremont Academy of Engineering & Design, CSF Chapter 1436
  • Marsh Junior High School, CJSF Chapter 923
  • Shorecliffs Middle School, CJSF Chapter 1278

We are looking for a host for the South Central Regional Conference Spring 2020.

Calling all CSF and CJSF Chapters in South Central Region!

We are looking for a host for the South Central Regional Conference Spring 2020.*

Regional Conferences:

  • Are open to all CSF and CJSF chapters in the South Central Region.
  • Provide a great opportunity to meet, and network with other CSF and CJSF advisers and students in the region.
  • Offer a venue for the final determination of CSF Seymour Award and CJSF Huhn Award recipients, and for a ceremony to present the awards.

Why host a regional conference?

  • Have you attended a CSF/CJSF spring conference and have ideas about how you would host the conference?
  • Have you been unable to attend a region conference because the location was too far away?
  • Hosting will allow you to do it “your way” and have the conference in your own back yard.
  • Hosting the conference is an opportunity for fund-raising, with some financial support from CSF.

Resources are available to help you plan and host a conference.

  • You will have CSF/CJSF Board support and help throughout the planning and during the conference.
  • A step-by-step Conference Host Handbook provides guidance and ideas.

*Collaborate with another local high school or middle school that has a CSF/CJSF chapter or do it on your own.

You may have a choice of dates in March and April 2020.

Contact Renee Tyler at reneetyler@csf-cjsf.org to learn more about hosting the South Central Regional Conference in Spring 2020 or 2021. We will gladly provide you with a list of chapters in your area.