CSF CJSF 2020 Conferences and Coronavirus

The CSF Board of Directors is aware that any imminent reported health issue could stop CSF/CJSF from holding our 5 annual student spring conferences.

CSF will make all decisions based on information received directly from the school hosting the conference and health officials in the geographic area related to the CSF/CJSF meeting.

The health of our students, teachers, and board members is our primary consideration for any decision.

Should a decision be made to cancel a conference, CSF will post the cancellation on its website, as well as email all advisers for all chapters, and alternate plans will be made for student awards.

Renee Tyler and Richard Roe
CSF Presidents

Central Coast Region Conference: Back to the Future | April 18, 2020

Monte Vista Christian School (MVC) will host the 2020 CSF/CJSF Central Coast Regional Spring Conference on April 18, 2020.

Please join with CSF/CJSF members and advisers from other Central Coast chapters for a fun, compelling experience which builds relationships with CSF/CJSF members from other schools, provides opportunities which move members closer to their secondary and post-secondary aspirations, and engages members with ideas, people and activities that help develop their passions.

The morning keynote speaker is Angela Heitmann, an entrepreneur, specializing in personal brand development. She helps people define their goals and create a brand that will influence an audience through social media to meet those goals. Her mission is to encourage more individuals to participate in the marketplace as a leader. You can learn more about her at angelaheitmann.com

Planned workshops include:

  • Sustainable Food Systems: Hydroponics & Community Gardens
  • Interview Tips to Grab that Coveted Internship
  • Piloting a Drone
  • Compelling College Application Essays
  • The Art of Caricature
  • Mechatronics Fun
  • Financing Your Dream College
  • A Meet & Greet with Our Campus Equine Residents
  • Move with Confidence
  • – and more…

Plan to spend the day from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. with continental breakfast and lunch provided.

Celebrate Central Coast CJSF Huhn and CSF Seymour Award finalists after a morning packed with activities and enriching workshops on the 100 acre Santa Cruz County campus.

Cost – includes Continental breakfast and lunch.

  • Participant: $20
  • Adviser: $10

North Region Conference | April 4, 2020

Sutter Union High School Presents the Northern California CSF/CJSF 2020 Regional Spring Conference
Saturday, April 4th 8:00-3:00

Dream BIG! North Region Conference 2020

Motivational Speaker: Keith Hawkins

Sessions Include: Poetry and Resume Writing, Photography, Outdoor Adventure, and College Admissions presentation.

$25 Registration Fee – see registration form for Early Bird Special

Sutter Union High School
2665 Acacia Avenue
Sutter, CA 95982

For Additional Information, Please Contact:
Mrs. Janet Finitzer @ 530-822-5161 ext. 128 / jfinitzer@sutterhigh.k12.ca.us
Mrs. Heather Azevedo @ 530-822-5155 ext. 206 / heathera@brittan.k12.ca.us