William Nguyen
Central Coast Region
Chapter 844 – Oak Grove High School
Adviser Laurie Pizzuti

William Nguyen is a student at Oak Grove High School in San Jose where he has been active in CSF, participating in tutoring, and the Get Online and Grow service project in which high school students prepare online literacy workshops to help business owners launch their businesses online during the pandemic.  William is also involved in Interact, a Rotary-sponsored service club.  As Area 8 Director, he is the liaison between the Rotary and students, as well as being involved in student government as ASB Finances.  He does library tutoring in the Homework Club at the  Edenvale Branch Library.  William is a varsity badminton player, and on the varsity swim team.  William has received 1st place in the Spark Founding Scholar Award, the Gary Robinson Award, and the Scholar Athlete Award. 

Oak Grove High School CSF adviser, Laurie Pizzuti, begins her letter of recommendation with “Scholarship, Character, Leadership, Service: The foundational qualities of this award are rarely demonstrated by one individual whole heartedly.”  She goes on to say that William can demonstrate all of these qualities with such sincerity, “The ability to see a need and attempt to fill it runs deep in William;  from his strong stance against bullying to his involvement and creation of school clubs on campus.  His ultimate desire to seek an education that will allow him to fulfill his desire to help the environment only further demonstrates William’s selflessness and desire to be of service.” 

Interact Advisor Jimmy Nguyen explains, “As an advocate for service, William has inspired many of his peers through his charismatic personality, contagious energy, and drive to improve himself and the community.  His eagerness to improve the community around him is contagious.” 

In his personal statement, William explains how he learned from his childhood challenges “…how to view life with a happy heart and a smile on my face…the values of seeking opportunity through my initiative and helping me find my lifelong dedication to service..[how to] speak eloquently, network with incredible people, and lead my fellow peers with respect.” 

William hopes to attend UCLA, and major in Computer Science and Engineering, then go on to get his MBA.