Thank you, Safiya and Horizon Charter Schools Chapter for sharing these really effective posters! Edit these PDFs or use them as inspiration for your own posters. They are now available on CSF and CJSF Chapters – Resources pages and right here:
We created the attached flyers from scratch. As they have been highly useful, professional, and eye-catching, we (chapter officers) would like to see other students have the opportunity to utilize them, as well.  We have presented these at the Student Leadership Conference (“How to Virtual”) and they were well-received with high praises from the students.
There is no resource like this on the current website to date, and this affects a chapter’s ability to market CSF/CJSF to their school.
Please consider adding these to the main website. It would be a huge honor for our chapter. Thank you.
Safiya Munif
CSF President
Horizon Charter Schools