Hello Advisers,

An email was sent to current Advisers yesterday regarding elections. If you have not voted already…

It is time for elections for your CSF/CJSF Board of Directors.  These ballot links will take you to the official ballot.  All voting must be completed by Thursday, April 11th at 6 pm.

Please take a few minutes to vote for the CSF candidates (it will really take less than 3 minutes).

CSF ADVISERS – Click here to vote: https://forms.gle/bytkX21N82ragwD6A

CJSF ADVISERS – Click here to vote: https://forms.gle/53Yi5itcpPmz6UAa8

Thank you for voting, and for being a chapter adviser.

Please note: Some schools/districts block links in emails so that you may not be able to click to go directly to the ballot form. You may need to copy and paste it into a browser window. Contact patricia@csf-cjsf.org if you need help.