A Lifetime of Service with CSF

I graduated from Pacifica High (Garden Grove) in 1969 as a Sealbearer. Note: Pacifica High School CSF chapter 801s was established in 1967.

I attended the University of Redlands; majored in English; minored in German and sociology. I spent a semester in Salzburg, Austria. I lived in Mainz, Germany for 2 years after graduation and taught English to American soldiers who needed a high school diploma. I returned to California, got married, and moved back to Redlands. Eventually we had 2 sons.

I taught English, German, and ESL at Redlands High School (RHS) before moving to the new high school in town, Redlands East Valley (REV) when it opened in 1997. I became a guidance counselor at REV for the last 12 years of my career, retiring in 2014. I loved every day of my career, and each assignment was better than the previous one.

I was the CSF advisor at both RHS (chapter 142s, est. 1926) and REV (chapter 1196s, est. 1997). At RHS we averaged 70-80 Sealbearers, and that was in the days before computers. and the advisor typed out the certificates. It was lots of work at the end of the year getting those senior grades. We averaged about 50 Sealbearers at REV. When I became a counselor, another teacher became the advisor.

After the kids were out of the house, my husband and I traveled extensively in the US, Europe, and Asia. We especially enjoyed renting a car and driving through Germany and Austria. He doesn’t travel much these days, but I have taken several trips with friends or solo (Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing, Turkey, and Egypt).

I walk a lot and swim at the local YMCA. I also took up lawn bowling when I retired and have bowled in tournaments and leagues. I am extremely competitive, but lawn bowling allows me to play a competitive game without taking a toll on my body. We have a couple of 90 year olds in the Redlands Lawn Bowling Club, and I hope to be there one day.

One fun note – I was a Jeopardy contestant in 1999 (2nd place) and have a photo with Alex Trebek. In 1973 as a senior at the U of Redlands, I won a car on a quiz show called Split Second. Fun memories.

I love dessert!

Barbara McCormick Krause 

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