Anika Madan
South Region
Chapter 667 – Sunny Hills High School
Adviser Hera Kwon

Anika Madan is a student at Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton.  She is the president of her CSF chapter, and has participated in a multitude of CSF activities, including the recent CSF Virtual Student Leadership Conference, Project Teddy Bear, and the CSF Panda Express fundraiser. 

Her CSF adviser, Hera Kwon explains, “As CSF President, Anika Madan exceeds expectations.  I could not have asked for a more capable individual to lead us through the challenges of running CSF remotely.  Anika brings both a high level of competence and a genuine warmth to her responsibilities…always the first one to arrive and the last one to stay…”  Along with CSF, Anika is also the Editor-in-Chief of the school yearbook, vice-president of the Key Club, vice-president of Amnesty International, president of the International Baccalaureate Student Council, and Appreciation Team Commissioner for the Link Crew.  Her community activities include being a judge at the Orange County Debate League, a summer camp volunteer, a children’s museum volunteer, and founder of the All Smiles Here Project.  Anika is an AP Scholar with Honor, and an IB Diploma Candidate. 

Her Seymour Award application included a letter of recommendation from Jaeeun Lee, the President in Division 30 North Key Club.  Ms. Lee explains that throughout the time she has known Anika she consistently demonstrates the qualities of leadership with her community, both in and out of school…distinguishing herself as an incredible leader, saying, “…she not only excels as an individual but also as a member of a team.  When I think about all of the qualities I respect in an individual — determination, integrity, leadership, hard work, and tenacity —- I think of Anika.” 

In her personal statement Anika explains how she learned to take risks as a first grader, choosing to recite the Gettysburg Address in the school talent show, rather than singing or dancing like the other students.  Her performance was a success, and from that success she fell in love with the idea of risk.  Anika goes on to describe taking risks as being innovative, trying something new, committing to one’s interests, and moving beyond a stagnant glance at learning.  Anika’s words say it all, “Whether it is with inspiration, encouragement, or shock, I strive to make an impact.” 

In the fall Anika plans to attend UCLA and major in Psychology.