I am Yaquelin Villasenor, a student who has been very committed in serving the community here in Porterville, California. As a senior at Granite Hills High School, I’ve been very involved with extracurriculars in town as well as plenty of clubs on campus. Being a first generation migrant Hispanic student, I am very culturally oriented which has reflected upon the activities I associate with, such as leading the reinstatement of M.E.Ch.A. as club president on campus after years of dormancy. Not only are my culture and community important to me, but so are my academics and family. I strive to achieve all my academic goals to fulfill my parents dreams that they never had the opportunity to accomplish in order to give my brother and I a better future. After years of field work for both my parents and I, their exhaustion is obvious to both of us so it’s my turn to pay their sacrifices back by putting my mind to achieve my personal and academic goals. With this being said, I plan to venture off into college to passionately pursue a career as a Physician’s Assistant or dermatologist only to come back afterwards to work within my community.

Yaquelin was nominated for this prestigious award by Chapter 1212 Adviser Stacy Vehrs. Apolinar Marroquin is Principal at Granite High School in the Porterville Unified School District.