1. Decide what your chapter does especially well.

  • Sponsor a popular tutoring program at your school.
  • Use social media for an amazing online presence for your chapter.
  • Fill a need in your school or community with a service project.
  • Raise funds with a successful project.
  • Promote CSF/CJSF on your campus with an effective campaign?
  • Have a unique way of recognizing your members efforts and achievements.
  • Communicate with your membership with an easy to use system.
  • Have a knack for putting on creative events.
  • Recognize and celebrate your members with popular ceremonies.
  • Get involved on your campus.

2. Choose the title of your session.

3. Select the content you will need to convey your information. Draft your session outline and organize it to get your message across effectively.

4. How much time will you need to tell your story?

5. Will you prerecord your session or produce it live on Zoom at the conference?

6. How many people will you need to produce your session? Line up your team! Does you chapter have capable videographers? PowerPoint skills? On camera talent? Graphic artists?

7. Register your Session Proposal online at https://csf-cjsf.org/student-leadership-conference/. Deadline December 19, 2021.

8. Practice the live or to be videoed segments until it flows smoothly.

9. Put it all together and perform or play your material for a small audience and get their feedback.

10. Edit and review.

+1. Make sure to register to attend the conference at https://csf-cjsf.org/student-leadership-conference/. Deadline February 9, 2022.