Congratulations North Region Seymour Award Recipient Joanna Jarvis and Fellow Finalists

Seymour North 2019 Recipient Joanna Jarvis (2nd from left) and Finalists Simrit Dhillon, Paige Smith, Sorea Asmai, Maxwell Callan, Taylor Froomin, Marianne Homer, (in front) Nicabec Casido, Kade Breckenridge

The Seymour Memorial Awards were established to honor both Charles F. Seymour and his devoted wife, Marian H. Seymour, who together supplied the inspiration and leadership which fostered the California Scholarship Federation. The very first award of $25 was presented to Seymour Award recipient Elizabeth Murphy (O’Neil) of Fresno High School in 1936.Each year, 50 finalists receive awards of $2,000 each, and five of these (one per region) each receive an additional $3,000 as the regional award recipient. The Seymour Award is regarded as one of the highest scholastic honors given to high school students in the state of California.