Safiya Munif
North Region
Chapter 1226 – Horizon Charter School
Adviser Melora Klusnick

Safiya Munif attends Horizon Charter School in Lincoln, California where she has been the CSF President for three years.  She has been working on several community service projects such as the River City Food Bank Service Project, Panda Express Fundraisers, Wellspring’s Women and Children Center, and the CSF Student Leadership Conference.  But she does not stop there, Safiya also works heavily with Sac Web Design a Non-profit organization, Impact Sac a Non-profit organization, and The Gen Zero Podcast.

Paris Dye, the Executive Director of Impact Sac says, “Safiya boldly leads the group of over 100 teens through several projects, experiences, and opportunities without losing focus of her personal mission to graduate college, produce the Gen Zero Podcast for youth and go on to achieving great success in her adult life.” 

Safiya goes way beyond just academics in her life.  Her CSF Adviser, Melora Klusnick, talks about her initial impressions about Safiya, “I was thoroughly impressed with the fact that she had a detailed plan for improvements in several areas. She wasn’t just finding a problem; she was providing a solution.”  Safiya is also passionate about her Pit Bull Terrier and wants to change the stereotypes regarding this breed. 

While she is undecided as to which college she will attend this fall and is excited in exploring all the options that her school of choice has to offer.