Macey Leonard
South Region
Chapter 1411 – San Juan Hills High School
Adviser Vivian Nguyen

Macey Leonard is a student at San Juan Hills High School in San Juan Capistrano.  In CSF she has been a tutor, and participated in the Walk for Wellness.  Macey is also a member of student government, Link Crew, the National Honors Society, and the community volunteer program called Lion’s Heart.  She has earned her Girl Scout Gold Award, is a varsity track member and is the captain of the varsity soccer team.  Among her recognitions, Macy has been on the principal’s honor roll all four years of high school, and earned the Spirit of Stallion award. 

“Macey is always ready to volunteer her time to help others and does so with a genuine smile and upbeat energy that is contagious,” states Macey’s CSF Adviser Vivian Nguyen. 

Macey’s Girl Scout leader, Janine Schunk, describes her as outgoing and welcoming, and always taking a leadership role.  Ms. Schunk explains, “I have also seen [Macey] consistently handle herself with grace and dignity. Her values and her commitment to her family, her friends, her education, and her community will leave a lasting impression.” 

Both of Macey’s letters of recommendation commend her on having founded the free community program “We assist, You Score”.  In her personal statement, Macey explains that she created this program to help girls with low self-esteem increase their confidence through one-on-one soccer coaching and personalized mentorship.  Macey says “I spent countless hours developing “We assist, You Score”, researching strategies for confidence-building, and speaking with experienced soccer coaches.  Helping these young girls develop self-confidence I never had during middle school meant everything to me.  Not only did these girls grow, but I did as well.” 

Macey has committed to Brown University where she plans to play soccer, and pursue a degree in Astro-Physics, with the dream of someday being an aerospace engineer working for NASA.