Libbe Phan is a high school senior from Woodbridge High School. She has spent her four years focusing on doing her best academically, serving her community, and participating in a variety of extracurriculars. Some of her accomplishments include being the Girls Inc. National Lucille Miller recipient, serving as Orange County’s voice on Girls Inc.’s National Teen Advocacy Board, creating Humankind Zine (a digital magazine), being featured in Scholastic Choices’ February 2020 issue, and one of Woodbridge High School’s Youth of the Month awardees. Although she has not decided which college/university she will be attending yet, she hopes to study business administration with a possible double major or minor in film, graphic design, or psychology. Phan hopes to utilize her college education to work in creative marketing/advertising and start a mental health non-profit.

Libbe was nominated for this prestigious award by Chapter 1019 Adviser Julie Giron. Chris Krebs is Principal at Woodbridge High School in the Irvine Unified High School District.