Throughout high school, Ekansh engaged his interests in philanthropy through actively participating in Dublin High’s CSF. First serving as Treasurer, then President, and now President of Internal Affairs, Ekansh feels incredibly grateful to have been able to work with his board to create hundred of volunteering events for his chapter. Ekansh feels humbled knowing that the culmination of all these small actions have helped many local and global efforts.
Outside of his philanthropy pursuits, Ekansh has strong interests in STEM, entrepreneurship, and medicine. Other activities Ekansh has been involved in include serving as the chairman of his local youth council, managing his own non-profit organization, creating robots for the Special Olympics, and researching economical solutions to predict the progression of cardiovascular illnesses.
In his free time, Ekansh enjoys taking apart anything he can put his hands on, photography, playing guitar, and spending time with family and friends in the outdoors.

Ekansh was nominated for this prestigious award by Chapter 901 Adviser Kim Halkett. Maureen Byrne is Principal at Dublin High School in the Dublin Unified District.