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CJSF Student Membership

Membership in CJSF is through school chapters. Each chapter is comprised of student members who meet eligibility requirements. Each chapter is led by a staff adviser. See if your school has a CJSF Chapter. If not, ask your Principal about starting one.

Eligible students become members by submitting applications based on their report card grades. Membership is for one semester/trimester, and membership drives are held each semester/trimester within established periods dictated by the State bylaws. Refer to CJSF Bylaws on CJSF Chapter Resources.

Conferences are held annually, and student awards recognizing scholastic achievement and community service are presented.

Requirements for Semester/Trimester Membership

CJSF Membership is based on scholarship and is gained after qualifying grades are earned each semester/trimester. In order to become a member, the student must submit an application each semester the student is eligible. A point system specified in the CJSF State By-Laws establishes the membership requirements.

A student establishes membership by earning academic points. The number of points earned must be twice the number of academic subjects in which the student is enrolled, i.e., 10 points must be earned by a student enrolled in 5 eligible subjects, 12 points for a student with 6 subjects, etc. A minimum of 4 academic subjects is required.

CJSF semester/trimester points are calculated based on grades as follows:

A = 3 CJSF points
B = 1 CJSF point
1 extra point for an A or a B in an AP, IB, or Honors-designated course, not to exceed two such points per semester/trimester
C or Pass = 0 CJSF points
D or F in any subject shall disqualify the student from membership for the semester/trimester.

No CJSF points shall be given for Physical Education, courses involving clerking or office/teacher assisting, and courses taken on a pass/fail basis.

Grades earned in summer school courses, repeated or remedial subjects shall not count for CJSF points, but grades in these subjects must be a C or better.

CJSF students may become Honor Award Members. Those who qualify have the Honor Award seal placed on their certificate of promotion and are eligible to wear the CJSF gold pin.

CJSF students may be disqualified from membership based on poor citizenship. It is the adviser and principal’s prerogative to determine disbarment.