Writing Letters to the Military

Writing Letters to the Military (Operation Interdependence)

Audrey Kaefer, Katelyn Wolfe, Mackenzie Van Laar, Ben Anderson, Anna Turk, and Kaitlyn Martinez
Gilroy High School | CSF Chapter 98

Tips on a Rebuilding Year

Tips on a Rebuilding Year

Sara Kuang and team
Mission San Jose High School | CSF Chapter 749

Technology for CSF

Technology for CSF

Kainath Kamil, David Yates, and Grace Koumaras
Mission Vista High School | CSF Chapter 1399
Vista Unified

Supercharge Your Service Projects

Supercharge Your Service Projects: Literature, Luaus, and Letters!

Rosa Chavez-Polanco, Crystal Franco-Bourez, & Andrea Aguirre
Mission Oak High School | CSF Chapter 1349

Stand Up and Chair

Stand Up and Chair: A 5-Step Plan to Chairing Community Service Projects

Kasey Lassen, Molly Watson, Brooke Watson, and Angela Lezama
Kern Valley High School | CSF Chapter 888
Lake Isabella