Panda Express Virtual Fundraiser | November 10, 2021

Raise Funds with the Panda Express – CSF/CJSF Virtual Fundraiser
on November 10, 2021.

Double the reward – Benefit your chapter and the CSF/CJSF state organization!

Turn in your receipts online by November 24, 2021.

Participating chapters will receive 10% of the pre-tax puchases of their supporters on orders entered anywhere in the United States*

Panda Express swag boxHave some fun!

Registered chapters participating are automatically entered in a random drawing to win Panda Express swag! Gift certificates, Panda bears, mugs, and more.


Questions? Help Needed?


After the fundraiser

  • Report your chapter sales and upload your receipts by November 24, 2021.
    (If you need help consolidating the receipts into a single PDF, email for assistance.)
  • Form and receipts must be received no later than November 24, 2021.
    Be sure you have all of your receipts together before submitting.
    Only one form and set of receipts per chapter.

    No late submissions will be accepted.
    *As evidenced by sales receipts submitted to CSF.

A check for 10% of the pre-tax sales will be mailed to the adviser’s school address by January 1st, 2022.

Fill out my online form.

10+1 Steps to producing a session for the Virtual Student Leadership Conference

1. Decide what your chapter does especially well.

  • Sponsor a popular tutoring program at your school.
  • Use social media for an amazing online presence for your chapter.
  • Fill a need in your school or community with a service project.
  • Raise funds with a successful project.
  • Promote CSF/CJSF on your campus with an effective campaign?
  • Have a unique way of recognizing your members efforts and achievements.
  • Communicate with your membership with an easy to use system.
  • Have a knack for putting on creative events.
  • Recognize and celebrate your members with popular ceremonies.
  • Get involved on your campus.

2. Choose the title of your session.

3. Select the content you will need to convey your information. Draft your session outline and organize it to get your message across effectively.

4. How much time will you need to tell your story?

5. Will you prerecord your session or produce it live on Zoom at the conference?

6. How many people will you need to produce your session? Line up your team! Does you chapter have capable videographers? PowerPoint skills? On camera talent? Graphic artists?

7. Register your Session Proposal online at Deadline December 19, 2021.

8. Practice the live or to be videoed segments until it flows smoothly.

9. Put it all together and perform or play your material for a small audience and get their feedback.

10. Edit and review.

+1. Make sure to register to attend the conference at Deadline February 9, 2022.

Congratulations 2020-2021 Marian Huhn Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 CJSF Huhn Award recipients.


Region Recipient School Name CJSF Chapter 
Central (jc) Alanna Groves Woodrow Wallace Middle School 976
Central (jc) Ashleigh Rushford Cruickshank Middle School 846
Central (jc) Breanna Cruz Pioneer Middle School 984
Central (jc) Brooklyn Robb Ridgeview Middle School 1307
Central (jc) Savannah Hieger Ranchos Middle School 852
Central Coast (jcc) Abigail White Dartmouth Middle School 1284
Central Coast (jcc) Aidan Fisher Sequoia Middle School 668
Central Coast (jcc) Angela Dang Bernal Intermediate School 478
Central Coast (jcc) Athena Contos Fallon Middle School 1085
Central Coast (jcc) Zoya Nomani Fallon Middle School 1085
North (jn) Holly Alchin Bidwell Junior High School 158
North (jn) Maile Zeng Olympus Junior High 1252
North (jn) Mailey Seipert Biggs Elementary 1226
North (jn) Nevaeh Marshall Sycamore Middle School 280
North (jn) Victoria Moody Brittan Elementary School 676
South (js) Aubrey Chang Van Avery Prep 868
South (js) Gabriela Sanchez Flores David Brown Middle School 821
South (js) Shyla Patel Carmenita Middle School 155
South (js) Tanisha Batta Carmenita Middle School 155
South (js) Tiana Tarrio David Brown Middle School 821
South Central (jsc) Aniwrehs  Brody Calo Bellflower Middle School 1135
South Central (jsc) Giovanny Menchaca Piute Middle School 487
South Central (jsc) Mayte Esparza Bellflower Middle School 1135
South Central (jsc) Shawn Washington Piute Middle School 487


Photos will be published this coming week!

Congratulations 2020-2021 DiGiovanna Award Recipients

Congratulations to the five region 2020-2021 CJSF DiGiovanna Award recipients.

Central | Ruhani Deswal
Central Coast | Anvit Mishra
North | Nathan Zumwalt
South | Isabella Mensik
South Central | Arax Kotanjian