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Travel Guidelines and Voucher Form

CSF/CJSF Board Member Travel Guidelines

Download Travel Voucher PDF

Rev. January 23, 2017

Board Meetings
1. There are two mandatory board meetings per year: fall (October) and spring (March/April).
2. Board meetings occur all day on Fridays.
3. Board members must notify the president and Central Office in advance if unable to attend the board meeting.

Spring Regional Conferences
1. Each of the five CSF/CJSF regions hosts a conference on a Saturday in the spring (March-April).
2. The CSF and CJSF VPs are expected to attend their respective regional conferences as well as provide assistance to the host chapter during the planning stages.
3. Board members who are expected to attend all the regional conferences are: president, president-elect, designated Huhn VP, and the Seymour committee members. Other board member attendance is at the discretion of the president.
4. In the fall, the CSF/CJSF president or president-elect will disseminate a list of board members scheduled to attend the spring regional conferences.

Travel Costs to Board Meetings/Regional Conferences
All board members must be mindful of keeping travel expenses at the lowest cost possible, using good judgement in all travel decisions.

Reimbursement of all travel expenses is at the discretion of the CSF/CJSF President.

Apply discounts whenever possible (e.g., AAA, school districts, nonprofits, AARP, etc.).

1. Reasonable costs of travel are provided for board members to attend board meetings/regional conferences. These costs include expenses such as flights, mileage, meals, tolls, parking, etc. (Please see Travel Expense Voucher).
2. Travel expenses must be submitted within two (2) weeks after conference/board meeting attendance. The “CSF/CJSF Travel Expense Voucher” form can be downloaded from the CSF/CJSF website. Submit a hardcopy of the travel expense voucher and necessary receipts to the CSF/CJSF Treasurer for approval and reimbursement. Voucher errors or omissions may delay reimbursement. Final approval of all travel expenses is at the discretion of the President.
3. Fully complete the travel voucher, and attach receipts for all travel except mileage.

1. The cost of meals is reimbursed upon presentation of receipts. Maximum reimbursement is: $10 for breakfast; $12 for lunch: $24 for dinner.
2. Meals provided by CSF (e.g. hotel breakfast or board meeting meals) cannot be reimbursed, except in the case of dietary restrictions, which require the president’s authorization.
3. Meals while in transit can be reimbursed.

Air Travel
1. Board members make their own travel arrangements including airline tickets and rental cars. Please search for best early rates, and reserve no later than three weeks prior to travel. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often the best days to reserve flights.
2. Last minute/full-price air travel may not be reimbursed if the board member was negligent in making arrangements in a timely manner.

Car Transportation, Hotel Shuttle, Rental Cars, Shared Rides
1. Board members must use courtesy hotel airport shuttles when available.
2. If a courtesy hotel shuttle is not available, contact the Central Office to coordinate travel time with other board members in order to carpool.
3. Carpools and all other travel to and from hotels and conferences should be at the lowest cost possible: fee-based van, rental car, Uber, etc.
3. Rental cars may be used to drive to board meetings and conferences. Compare the cost of driving a personal vehicle vs. renting a car. Gasoline costs are reimbursed for rental cars, and personal car mileage at .50 per mile.
4. Rental car agencies may offer to include the cost of a tank of gas in the rental car cost. Board members should decide if this cost is reasonable compared to local gas prices. For a short-term rental when an entire gas tank will not be used, do not use this option.
5. Personal auto insurance often covers rental cars. It is the board member’s responsibility to verify this. If not covered by personal insurance, insurance may be added to rental.
6. Train travel is a viable option.

Hotel Accommodations
1. Hotel accommodations will be secured by either the executive board or by the conference host/regional VP and paid for by the treasurer on the corporate account. Board members must provide hotel accommodation reservation needs (type of bed, # of nights) promptly when notified/asked.
2. If the board meeting is Friday, hotel accommodations, if needed, will be for Thursday and Friday nights (if needed). If board members are within a reasonable driving distance (i.e., within one hour or a 50 mile distance), hotel accommodations may not be necessary (at the discretion of board member and approval of President).
3. Saturday night accommodations after a conference may be warranted if bad weather, driving safety, or high cost of airfare is/are factor(s). Request approval from the president for Saturday night accommodations; otherwise, Saturday night lodgings are at the expense of the board member.
4. It is the board member’s responsibility to ensure any reservation is cancelled within the hotel policy’s cancellation period (unless there is an emergency). If a board member requests a reservation for a hotel room but fails to show up and does not cancel or contact the president to cancel, the room rate will be charged to the board member.

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