Amina Federspiel-Otelea
North Region
Chapter 1409 – Ghidotti Early College High School
Adviser Dominie Wilhite

Amina Federspiel-Otelea has spent her High School career at William and Marian Ghidotti High School in Grass Valley California.  As the current Co-President of her CSF Chapter she has helped with numerous volunteer activities including, Card making for the elderly, Penny Drives, CSF Tutoring, Thank You Cards For Veterans, Organized the school-wide Christmas gift drive with Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, and Valentine’s Day Cards for CHLA. 

“At the beginning of Amina’s junior year, she sought out an opportunity to live and work abroad in India.” mentions her CSF Adviser Dominie Wilhite, “This was not a program or a planned course but rather an experience entirely of her own creation.”  Amina is a multicultural student who was born in Germany, and wants to see multiple perspectives in her education. 

Rajal Chakrabarty speaks about Amina’s time at her school in India, “Amina is comfortable with students of all ages and is able to interact well with her mentors. She is enthusiastic and keenly involves her students in the learning process. She is resolute in her aim to be a teacher and has been seen equipping herself well with the necessary skills to be one.” 

This fall, Amina is setting her sights on attending St. Johns, or St. Mary, or Yale and continuing her studies in the Liberal Arts and eventually becoming an educator.