CSF Advisers: Recognize CSF Senior Sealbearers for their academic excellence and service to community.

Nominations open January 1st.
Nominations will be open through 6 pm on February 18th.

Preparation makes it easier to manage.

    1. Make a list of the students you believe most closely meet the requirements (see https://csf-cjsf.org/csf-awards/ for details). You may nominate two Sealbearers for the Seymour Award.
    2. Notify your top choices and verify they are able to attend the Virtual Seymour Finalists Interviews  for your region (view Calendar).
      Then ask the nominees to provide the necessary documentation
      for the nomination form.
      Give them a deadline at least several weeks before the award nomination period closes so that you are not rushed.
    3. Prepare nomination materials.
      You will need to write a letter for your nominee(s). Think about what you will say about each candidate. (See https://csf-cjsf.org/csf-awards/ ELIGIBILITY tab for details)
      In addition to your letter your nominees must provide you with the following information and materials:
      • Student contact information: Mailing address, phone, non-school email address.
      • Additional nomination materials:
      • High school transcript
      • List of activities
      • Personal statement
      • Community letter of recommendation
      • Publicity Release form.
    4. Look up your chapter number and your region here:  https://csfcjsf.wufoo.com/reports/csf-active-chapters-for-advisers-lookup/.
      Chapter number and region MUST be correct on all Award submissions!!! Award nominations and submissions with incorrect Region and/or Chapter number risk being disqualified.
    5. Verify your chapter is in good standing for Dues and Course Lists for 2020-2021 – CSF | Resources.
    6. Complete the nomination form and upload the required documents here.*

*  Please help us process nominations efficiently by properly naming files for upload – checkout PREPARING FILES FOR UPLOAD tab.

The nomination form requires a password which was provided to advisers in emails. Email patricia@csf-cjsf.org if you need password.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate!