Aja Brunet, 2022-2023 CSF Seymour Award North Region Finalist

Aja Brunet, Chapter 267 – El Dorado High School
Adviser Amy Linden
Principal Elizabeth Sisson
El Dorado Union High School District

Not only has Aja been a 4-year member of CSF at Eldorado High School, but was a member during her 7th and 8th grade years as well. Aja has been a part of many activities that includes making cards for veterans, hospital staff and military personnel. She has also been involved with CSF helping with Food, Shoe and Book Drives just this year alone. Aja codes, she is always looking for that next experience and just this last year she was enrolled at Harvard’s Scholars Online Coding II Academy. Honored by the College Board’s National Recognition for Small Town and Hispanic Students.

In Aja’s personal statement she says her soul belongs to nature. She has a passion for the outdoors connecting nature and science. She was accepted into a four-year study program with the Natural Resources Program that focuses on science and natural resources, advanced biology and chemistry. Aja has been a part of the Ski Team competing at Mammoth Mountain and holds leadership positions across the 4 years.

Aja has applied to 4 UC’s and 2 State Colleges. She would love to go to Cal Poly and major in Computer Science and wants to make sure coding is a part of it. Wherever Aja goes, she will make a great asset to their campus.

Madiha Khursheed, 2022-2023 CSF Seymour Award North Region Finalist

Madiha Khursheed, Chapter 1408 – Sierra Collegiate Academy
Adviser Stephanie Peterson
Principal Jennifer Hill
Rocklin Academy Family of Schools

Madiha has been involved in CSF and is the current president, but this is not her first rodeo, she held that position for 3 years. She speaks at leadership conferences, and completes service activities throughout the year. Her other roles at Western Sierra Collegiate Academy include Executive President, Class President for three years and the Varsity softball Team Captain last year. Madiha participates in Academic Decathlons, Scholastic Art and Writing, her Poetry was published in the National Library of Poetry and won several awards for her speeches. If she looks familiar, you may have seen her as the Miss Roseville Teen and then Miss California Junior Teen in 2020. Madiha has accomplished and has volunteered at 7 cups of Tea, has charted over 200 hours, attended all basketball games and practices to assist players that are injured. She has helped teach children Islam, feed the community and participated in the Islamic Outreach.

She hopes to major in Global Health and Public Health and would like to attend a UC or a state college.

Lastly, Madiha wrote that her playlist is now public. She has found that by the end of the day, you can’t become someone else’s playlist and you need to enjoy it. Keep making playlists!

Amit Kumthekar, 2022-2023 CSF Seymour Award North Region Finalist

Amit Kumthekar, Chapter 595 – Montgomery High School
Adviser Susan Farkas
Principal Adam Paulson
Santa Rosa City Schools

Amit likes to play Hockey.  In fact his team won the state championship. He attends Montgomery High School and has been in CSF since his sophomore year.  During his high school years he has been the founder and co-president of the STEMM Club and the president and captain for the debate club too! He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and has made strides in not only bringing awareness to the disease but has dived into the research of genes and genes expression through Stanford University. 

He has to have some down time (his job) and he picks up the role of Director for Post Productions.  This is where he creates short films and advertisements for large audiences and fan bases.  He has produced promotional videos for Riot Games, Mercedes, Valorant and XSet just to name a few.  Amit says he found playing sports made him feel normal and found the badminton gym his freedom.

Amit will attend Stanford University in just a few short months.  He will major in pre-med, focusing on Molecular Biology.

Mia Martinelli, 2022-2023 CSF Seymour Award North Region Finalist

Mia Victoria Martinelli, Chapter 1054 – Downieville High School
Adviser Amber Baca-Sainsbury
Principal James Berardi
Sierra-Plumas Joint Unified School District

For the past four years, Mia has been a member of CSF and has held offices each year for Downieville High School.  CSF fundraisers with Panda Express, Valentines projects, Cancer Awareness, Caroling for Cans, K-12 Cultural Awareness, International Women’s Day Fundraiser, and helped with the CSF student leadership conference. Mia has also held many leadership positions, as Mia currently serves as President of the Student Body, she is a band leader, and sits as committee chair through her high school years for Hispanic Heritage Month, Holiday on Main, Back to School Night, and Halloween Game Booths.   Mia was on the Girls Varsity Basketball, Boys Varsity Basketball, Girls Varsity Volleyball and now is a scoreboard conductor for Junior Basketball Games.  Mia also has been in drama since 2018 in roles for such greats, like Way Out West in a Dress, Little Women and coming soon to a theater near you, the Great Gatsby.   In addition to all of this, Mia is in a rock band called “Messes in Dresses” and has been seen on stage.  Her accolades are quite lengthy one page but covers all aspects of Mia’s high school endeavors in CSF, Basketball, Music, Drama, Fiber Arts, Spanish/Criminology, Honors US History, Dream Big Grant and Poetry.  

Looking forward, Mia will attend Middlebury College In Vermont and major in Interior Architecture and Interior design.

Mia has stated that we are responsible for shaping the environments we live in and will carry this vision and mission statement with her wherever she goes.   

Robert Nasanbat, 2022-2023 CSF Seymour Award North Region Finalist

Robert Nasanbat, Chapter 1408 – Western Sierra Collegiate Academy
Adviser Stephanie Peterson
Principal Jennifer Hill
Rocklin Academy Family of Schools

Being a part of CJSF, a spark was made when Robert entered high school and a new chapter began when he found out they did not have a CSF chapter.  A CSF member, co-founder and co-president for two years for Western Sierra Collegiate Academy, Robert has served in activities such as the Virtual Student Leadership Conference, helped in registration for this conference, Book Cart Exchange System and  Involved in the Teacher Appreciation project.  Robert has been an integral part of the Medical Outreach Club and Student Athletic Trainer since 2021.   Robert has also brought the American Red Cross Blood Drive to the school that started last year.  He is the team manager for the Varsity Volleyball team the last three years.  He has been recognized as the Sacramento Student Visionaries of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Robert was a District 1 Representative for Placer County Youth Commission, UC Davis Research Intern for the Yang Pollination Ecology Lab and volunteers for the Mercy General Hospital.  R

obert has applied to 20 colleges and has been waiting to make the final decision but knows he will major in Neuroscience. 

In his personal statement he found out early on how important community means and will carry that close as he moves to the next chapter.

Riley Pearmund, 2022-2023 CSF Seymour Award North Region Finalist

Riley Pearmund, Chapter 1054 – Downieville High School
Adviser Amber Baca-Sainsbury
Principal James Berardi
Sierra-Plumas Joint Unified School District

A four-year member of CSF, currently at Downieville High School, where you will find Riley as this year’s CSF treasurer, Student Body treasurer, and also the Class President for 2023.  As a young child he was diagnosed with multiple disabilities that wreaked havoc on his education and confidence.  However, with support and hard work he started to excel, and community service became an avenue where he could thrive.  He has participated in the Spring Ski Trips, Mother’s Day Cancer Walk, Valentine’s Flower Sale, K-12 Cultural and Educational Event, and National Kindness Month.  He volunteered for the Alameda County Library, Yahoo for Good assisting the elderly with technology issues, and as a Children’s Storybook Contributor.  And let it be said that the Yuba Theatre has appreciated Riley’s light and sound technician skills over the past couple of years.  Riley has been a part of the Young Actors Theatre Camp for over 3 years, High School Drama Team, and the Journalism and Yearbook staff.  Riley has won awards in AP English, Drama, and Global Issues, has been a Gold Honor Roll recipient for all 4 years of High School, and will be the Salutatorian for 2023.  

Riley will be attending UC Santa Cruz in the fall as a Film & Digital Media major.

Nia Sanders, 2022-2023 CSF Seymour Award North Region Finalist

Nia Sanders, Chapter 1157 – Woodcreek High School
Adviser Stephanie McGrath
Principal Suanne Bell
Roseville Joint Union High School District

Nia attends Woodcreek High School.  She is a four-year CSF member, involved in many activities and fundraisers for the Tennis Shoe Drive, Christmas cards for retirement homes and the Shamrock Run.  Nia volunteers at the Aerospace Museum, Roseville Theater Arts Academy, Elks Lodge, Kiwanis Keys and National Honor Society.  Nia has been a part of the Speech and Debate, Woodcreek HS Black Student Union, American Association of the University Women, School Site Council, Drama, Concert Choir, and Link Crew.  Has many awards in speech and debate, DAR Good Citizen Award, ALA Girls State Delegate, and the National Hispanic Recognition and African American Recognition given by the College Board. Although she has been accepted to several colleges, she would choose USC and major in Film and Cinema Production.

In Nia’s statement she says she was taught to serve others at a young age and learned from her parents and knows how important it is to be a part and see the outcome of selfless service. 

Kevin Scanlan, 2022-2023 CSF Seymour Award North Region Finalist

Kevin Scanlan, Chapter 952 – Forest Lake Christian School
Adviser Scott Young
Principal Christy Aday 

Kevin is a three year member of CSF in his chapter at Forest Lake Christian School where he currently is the president. Throughout his time in CSF, Kevin has assisted with such activities as Operation Christmas Child, Can Food Drives, Compassion International Child Sponsorship and the Staff Appreciation Breakfast.  Kevin is involved with the Student Council, and has held offices every year.  Kevin has been a member of the Yearbook team and has  led the last 3 years as president. He has been a team member of the Varsity Track, Varsity Basketball and Varsity Golf.  He has been a part of several clubs:  Revival, Math and Chess.  In 2022, he began an internship for Kevin Kiley for congress and was awarded the 2023 CAGOP Lorelei Kinder Award.  Not only is Kevin a scholar, athlete but is a musician as well.  Kevin plays the piano, drums and can sing too!  

Kevin has applied to UCLA, Berkeley, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown and has been accepted at USC, and just this week got good news that Harvard and Princeton want him too, Kevin has a few more weeks to decide.  Kevin will major in Political Science.  Whichever one he chooses; they will be very lucky to get Kevin.

Haelie Tweet, 2022-2023 CSF Seymour Award North Region Finalist

Haelie Tweet, Chapter 656 – Del Oro High School
Adviser Morgan Zerwas
Principal Kim Barry
Placer Union High School District

As president of her CSF chapter at Del Oro High School, Haelie has been an active member for the past three years. Haelie has been involved in many activities that include Letters to Seniors, volunteering for the Placer County Food Bank and Fundraisers.  She has worked on training horses, dressage, show-jumping, and cross country.  She holds First Violin 2nd stand in the Placer County Orchestra.  She is a team member of the Varsity Water Polo and leads as co-captain.  Haelie has been awarded the California Girls State Delegate for 2022 and National Merit of Scholarship Commended Student 2021.  Haelie also is a tutor and you will see her as the Swim Coach for the Loomis Basin Dolphins Swim Team. 

Haelie has applied to UCLA, MIT, and Purdue.   As of now, Purdue might be getting a great Aerospace Engineer.  Her dream job, working for NASA one day.  

Maria Zuniga-Sanchez, 2022-2023 CSF Seymour Award North Region Finalist

Maria Celeste Zuniga-Sanchez, Chapter 380 – Portola Jr./Sr. High
Adviser Lori Marquette
Principal Sara Sheridan
Plumas Unified School District

A member of CSF all four years at Portola High School. Maria has success in leading the CSF Peer tutoring program.  Maria has also been the Student Body Representative for the PUSD Board Meetings and serves as a translator for the monthly meetings.  This last year, she has been actively designing and upgrading a City Park Project with her landscaping design.  Maria has volunteered for the Elks Lodge, Assist a Grad Night, Rotary Fly In Breakfast and cleaning up community parks.  You may even see her as a teacher’s assistant for opportunity this semester.

As a young child she moved to California and loved to explore the outdoors.  The one experience that shaped her future was the Plumas to Pacific Program which taught her about watersheds, the forest and how to respect where we live.

Maria has applied to University of San Francisco, Cal Poly, University of Reno and Oregon State to name a few.  If you ask her where she would like to spend the next four years, she would choose the University of San Francisco.  She will major in Environmental Engineering and would like to find the solution to all of our water problems.