Village Christian School in Burbank is where Fiona is a four-year member of her school’s CSF chapter. Two events that she is proud of have been the stress ball fundraiser and the encouraging Post it notes campaign. In other activities and clubs on campus, Fiona is the current editor in chief of yearbook, the Founder and President of Just Do Something Club, and the Treasurer of the Girls Who Code Club both since 2021. Fiona too has been a Girl Scout since 2009. Volunteering is much of who she is, serving her time with Aviva Family and Children’s Services, and the Ronald McDonald House. In sports, Fiona has been the Team captain and MVP twice for both softball and volleyball.

Her dream college is Northeastern University, but she has also applied for the University of Michigan, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is considering a major in either Social Justice or science.

When she was little, Fiona loved turtles. And now, partly as a joke, but partly from this childhood love, friends and family buy her turtle figurines, pins, pictures etc. If it has a turtle on it, it’s perfect for Fiona!