Panda Fundraiser Contest Winners

Congratulations and thank you for participating!

Most ‘ Yes I am Going’ | Prize: Panda Gift Basket for the Chapter

  1. Temescal Canyon High School
  2. Las Lomas High School
  3. Sun Valley Magnet School
  4. Buhach Colony High School
  5. Pleasant Valley High School
  6. Santa Clara High School
  7. Holtville High School
  8. Pacifica High School
  9. Fremont Academy of Engineering & Design
  10. John Glenn High School


Most Online Orders

  • 1st ($200 catering for Chapter): Pleasant Valley High School
  • 2nd ($100 catering for Chapter): Sequoia Middle School
  • 3rd ($100 catering for Chapter): Biggs Elementary School


Instagram | Prize: Panda for a year (52 free Panda bowl certificates)

  • John Glenn High School

Thank you! and Congratulations! for Participating in the Panda Express Fundraiser

Thank you to all the chapters and individuals who supported the Panda Express fundraiser on May 2nd.

We are so grateful to Panda Express for supporting California Scholarship Federation and California Junior Scholarship Federation and Scholars for Service. Funds raised from this fundraiser go to support awards and regional conferences.

There were two competitions for chapters to win prizes. Here are the results. 

Online Orders Placed

Chapters will be notified via email with details to claim their prizes.

  • 1st Place Biggs Elementary School, CJSF Chapter 1226 – $300 Catering
  • 2nd Place Fremont Academy of Engineering & Design, CSF Chapter 1436 – $200 Catering OR CHAPTER 1171
  • 3rd Place Las Lomas High School, CSF Chapter 468 – $100 Catering


Yes- I am Going

Each winning chapter will receive a Panda gift basket ($100 value).

  • Las Lomas High School, CSF Chapter 468
  • Ernest Righetti High School, CSF Chapter 729
  • Los Alamitos High School, CSF Chapter 837
  • Santa Maria High School, CSF Chapter 6
  • Oxnard High School, CSF Chapter 54
  • Gilroy High School, CSF Chapter 98
  • Channel Islands High School, CSF Chapter 796
  • Fremont Academy of Engineering & Design, CSF Chapter 1436
  • Marsh Junior High School, CJSF Chapter 923
  • Shorecliffs Middle School, CJSF Chapter 1278

Panda Express Competition Results

Panda Express logoThank you to Panda Express for supporting CSF/CJSF with the very special California Statewide restaurant fundraiser on February 7th. 

And thank you to the CSF/CJSF chapters that participated in the event. The following chapters won prizes for participation.

Yes, I Am Going

Most ‘Yes- I am Going’ / $200 Panda Catering: Fremont Academy of Engineering & Design

‘Yes- I am Going’ Raffle / Panda Gift Basket:

    • Valley Academy of Arts & Sciences
    • Sequoia Middle School
    • Downieville High School
    • Creekside Middle School
    • Granite Hills High School
    • Arnold O Beckman High School
    • Oxnard High School
    • Huntington Beach High School
    • Fremont Intermediate School
    • Ernest Righetti High School

Online Orders Placed

  • 1st Place / $300 Catering: Pleasant Valley High School
  • 2nd Place / $200 Catering: Antelope Crossing Middle School
  • 3rd Place / $100 Catering: Creekside Middle School


  • Best Event Picture / Panda for a year (52 free meal certificates): Sophia Castro, Los Banos High School
  • Most School Spirit / 25 free meal certificates (awarded to Chapter): Downieville High School

We look forward to input from all advisers, student members on how to do this again and increase participation from all our chapters and members.

CSF/CJSF is Partnering with Panda Express for a Statewide Fundraiser

We wanted to share an exciting opportunity with you. We have partnered with our friends at Panda Express for an incredible fundraising event in February.

On Wednesday, February 7th, at ALL Panda Express locations across California, CSF will receive 20% of event sales from our supporters that dine with Panda on this day. This is a first for Panda Express, and we are thrilled! We are hopeful that we will have a huge amount of support around the event and set a goal of having 75% + of our Chapters participate. Can we make that happen?!?

Panda has made this as simple as possible for us, providing every participating Chapter with resources to ensure a successful event. These include:

  • A sample communication plan (to help communicate most effectively with your members)
  • Promotional items to hand out to students to get them excited
  • Poster & flyer templates to build buzz
  • Panda is also hosting a number of fun contests with great prizes to encourage engagement
  • And… each Chapter Coordinator will have the opportunity to attend a webinar hosted by the Panda team to walk through ‘How to Promote- to Get the Biggest Turnout”

We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity, and the ability to raise funds to reinvest in our children. Please be on the lookout in the coming weeks for additional information.

Should you have any questions, please let us know!  We hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Matt Hungerford