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Thank you for participating in the pilot program for our new online Seymour application system! Simply collect the required elements as described below and use them to complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Required Elements of the Seymour Memorial Award Competition:

 Biographical information

See the form at the bottom of this page for details.

 Candidate's Personal Statement

The statement should not exceed two double-spaced typed pages, and be dated and signed. The committee wants to know the candidate in his or her own words. We want to know about influential or important personal experiences during the high school years, as well as to learn about the candidate’s values, aspirations, and commitments. This statement might include what role CSF has played in this person’s life. It is not necessary to include information found in other parts of the packet. Parts of this statement may be quoted at the spring conference. Please, no photographs.

 Official high school transcript

The transcript should also show any classes taken off-campus for which the applicant has received credit. Be sure that first semester senior grades are included. If a transcript cannot be obtained by the application deadline, please note on the application that the transcript will be mailed as soon as possible, and no later than February 23, 2014.

 List of candidate's current classes

Please email us if a course is dropped at a later date.

 List of candidate's activities

See Example List of Activities for an example.

Please clarify any uncommon acronyms or activities unique to your school. The list should include:

  • CSF membership by semester
  • CSF offices held
  • CSF activities
  • Non-CSF offices held
  • Non-CSF activities, clubs, or sports
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Employment, paid or unpaid

 Adviser Letter of Recommendation

The letter should not exceed two double-spaced typed pages, and be dated and signed. Parts may be quoted at the spring conference. Please address how your candidate has exemplified the CSF motto, “Scholarship for Service” in some or all of the following areas: the school environment, leadership, service to the community, and your CSF chapter. Help us understand his or her character. Make sure we know why you have nominated this candidate. Anecdotal evidence is often persuasive.

 Community Letter of Recommendation

The letter should not exceed two doublespaced typed pages, and be dated and signed. Parts may be quoted at the spring conference. This letter should focus on the candidate’s character and role in the community. It should be written by an adult who knows the candidate well outside of the school. Persuasive letters have been written by supervisors of volunteer or paid work, scout leaders, service club advisers, neighbors, religious leaders, etc. Letters by family members or peers should be avoided. The writer should include how long and well he or she has known the candidate and in what capacity, and should testify to the candidate’s character and accomplishments in the community.

 Publicity Release

Please have the candidate and their parent/guardian sign the Publicity Release and submit a scan with the application.


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